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These pages are an attempt to inform bridge players of  the laws governing our game.  In particular, we will be looking at everyday situations where the TD is called.
These pages will be updated each month, so please come again!  

Always call the TD for any infringement, however minor -   do not take the law into your own hands.

2 Cards that stuck together

Query from Jocelyn Morris,
Rivonia Bridge Club
My reply

The declarer - North - played out the hand and inadvertently at about the 5th trick played 2 cards that were stuck together putting them both down one on top of the other. She played a heart but the Queen of clubs was stuck behind the heart.

With 3 tricks left to play declarer said the rest of the tricks are mine, she had the Ace of Spades and the Ace of hearts left, however the other 3 players had 3 cards in their hands. And East had an extra club. They scored the hand as 8 tricks made which N/S did make.

Do I adjust the score? If so, how?

Firstly, may I suggest that the player in question should wash her hands after tea, esp. if there were jam doughnuts. This leads to the kind of sticky problem encountered.

So at the 5th trick the player played two cards inadvertently. Law 67 now applies. Basically, you, as a TD, must now establish whether the player revoked on a club play prior to and including trick 10 - the claim establishes the revoke if it happened at trick 10.

If yes, and I see it is a NT contract so never 2 tricks, there will be a 1-trick revoke penalty however.   Then assess the merits of the claim - N.B. if the CQ is not good, then it has to be played at trick 11.
If not, no revoke penalty, but assess the claim in the same way.

Hope that helps.

Reply from Jocelyn -

Thanks so much Sid. They in fact had Jam doughnuts for tea! Do you have a hidden camera at our club? The German Club where we now are, makes the decision what to serve. We are putting out hand cleaners on the tea tables and asking them to use them after tea but of course nobody listens...

The same procedure is adopted if a card falls to the floor and only discovered later in the play. But remember... that if the North slot, say, came from the other table with 12 cards only, you as North are at fault since you are supposed to count your cards upon removing the cards from the wallet -
LAW 7B. Removal of Cards from Board
  1. Each player takes a hand from the pocket corresponding to his compass position.
  2. Each player counts his cards face down to be sure he has exactly thirteen; after that, and before making a call, he must inspect the faces of his cards.


Please feel free to write in regarding the bridge laws, to   webmaster [at] gbu.co.za


Sid Ismail
National Director

9 August 2015

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